Wendell Hall

Wendell Hall is a songwriter, singer, and musician who works primarily in the country and country-rock, and folk genres. He has played with and been an originator of several country and country rock bands over the years, the latest stint with Bluewater, a Native American themed rock group from West Los Angeles. Two of Wendell's songs recorded with Bluewater and guest guitarist Artie McEwan are available on this website.
Wendell's work in the Continental Divide band with extraordinary guitarist Kim Lenz led him to co-produce the "Til I Run Out of Highway" album with Kim. The album is also available on the website, at CD Baby, iTunes, and other venues.

Wendell is currently writing and recording new songs which will be added to collections to be titled "Small Town Blues" and "Here and Now and You". Stay tuned to this website and Wendell Hall Music at Facebook.