Wendell Hall
'Til I Run Out of Highway (Revisited)
'Til I Run Out of Highway (Revisited)
Harry Wendell Hall

Verse 1
We drove across country in a camper on a beat-up old pickup truck.
A five-piece band five months behind on luck.
No place to play, nobody would pay, to hear us in Georgia.
So we didn't stop the rig until we'd driven on through Louisiana.

Verse 2
We spent about a month in Dallas and a week in El Paso.
And we tried our luck in Tucson and Phoenix also.
And it seems like the natural thing we'd wind up here in LA.
Not so much because we wanted to be here we just ran out of highway.

The sunset sure is pretty out here in Los Angeles.
But I still love to feel that nice warm Georgia [Florida] breeze.
And someday I'll have my say. I can afford to have my way.
I'm gonna pack up my truck, I gonna drive it out of town, 'til I run out of highway.

The business has been pretty good out here on the west coast.
I think we played every show from Yakima to San Diego.
And I guess I shouldn't complain about the way things have been.
But sometimes I'd rather be fishing on a cool Carolina morn.

{Repeat Chorus}

Copyright 2015 Two Keys Music (ascap)
Lyrics Credits: Harry Wendell Hall
Music Credits: Harry Wendell Hall
Producer Credits: Harry Wendell Hall
Publisher Credits: Two keys Music
Performance Credits: Wendell Hall
Label Credits: Two Keys
Short Song Description:
Five piece band leaves GA in search of fame and fortune and winds up ont he west coast.
Long Song Description:
The band makes its way west until it "runs out of highway" in Los Angeles. The band has success on the west coast but the singer still misses aspects of the country he came from.
Story Behind the Song:
I wrote this a number of years ago and performed live. This version modernized with a more contemporary song structure.
Song Length: 3:14
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Country-Rock
Tempo: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Musician
Subject Matter 2: Country, Nation
Mood 1: Content
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later