Wendell Hall
(So I Can) Breathe
Libby Lewis Johnson (So I Can) Breathe Harry Wendell Hall

Verse 1
Here I stand, my feet on the ground at last.
I still don't know how, I fell so far so fast.
I can say that I'm glad, some folks don't see, what in the world has happened to me.
I can tell you today, I'm thankful that I can breathe.

Verse 2
I got mixed up with the wrong bunch in Birmingham.
I emerged from there with barely a dime to my name.
Grandma used to warn me how it would be, if I let the old devil get a hold of me.
He'll grab you 'round the neck and choke, 'til you can't breathe.

(I prayed) The devil's got me by the throat, Lord you know that I can't breathe.
I need you Lord I'm down on my knees, praying you can take this darkness from me.
I need you now, help me so I can breathe.

In times like these I have no strength. I try to stand but I'm way too weak.
My eyes are open, but I cannot see. I'm choking inside I just want to breathe.

Verse 3
So here I stand, it looks like I got through the worst of it.
I thank the Lord I don't see myself there again.
I stand up here for all to see, good things can happen to you and me.
As long as we live - as long as we can breathe.

{Repeat Chorus}

Copyright 2015 Two Keys Music (ascap)
Lyrics Credits: Harry Wendell Hall and Libby Lewis Johnson
Music Credits: Harry Wendell Hall
Producer Credits: Harry Wendell Hall
Publisher Credits: Two Keys Music
Performance Credits: Wendell Hall
Label Credits: Two Keys
Short Song Description:
Singer explains that he/she has had some tough times but gotten through them and there is hope as long as one can breathe.
Long Song Description:
Singer is okay now after getting in the with the wrong crowd and winding up in a bad way. The singer's grandma had warned about the devil grabbing you round the neck and choking. Singer prayed for strength and the ability to breathe. At the end the singer is a standing example there is hope.
Story Behind the Song:
My cousin Libby had some difficult experiences and the idea to pray that she could breathe came to her.
Song Length: 3:23
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Folk-Country
Subject Matter 1: Gratitude
Subject Matter 2: Hope
Mood 1: Pleased
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later